16 December 2013

Happy Birthday Ludwig van Beethoven

On the 16th December 1770 in Bonn, the great musician Ludwig van Beethovan was born. “Quasi una fantasia – Cherubini Beethoven” is the CD we have dedicated to him… Here’s the link.

09 December 2013

Marco Sollini and Monica Carletti on RAI Radio3

Want to find out more about our CD of Nicola Vaccai? On Saturday afternoon tune in to RAI Radio3. Musicians Marco Sollini (pianoforte) and Monica Carletti (mezzosoprano) tell us about the composer, who lived through the late eighteenth and half of the nineteenth century and was one of the last representatives of the Neapolitan musical school. They will also perform 4 pieces live, don’t miss out! (if you have facebook, here is the event)

06 December 2013

Concerto Classics’ first LP

To celebrate the birthday of Francesco Geminiani, we are proud to present our first vinyl with four sonatas for cello and basso continuo from op. 5. It is limited edition and signed by cellist Enrico Brozi himself.

05 December 2013

Celebrating Francesco Geminiani

Today we celebrate the birthday of Francesco Geminiani (born Lucca, 5th December 1687)! This is the CD which we dedicate to him.

03 December 2013

A little preview of big news

“Una magnolia pura, redonda como un círculo de nieve, subió hasta mi ventana y me reconcilió con la hermosura.” — Pablo Neruda, Ode a la Magnolia