09 September 2013

Presenting the Luchesi CD on “I venerdi di Bruno Belli”

Only one month left to wait until this highly anticipated collaboration with Plano. Be there on Friday 11th October at 17.30 at the “pasticceria Zamberletti” on Corso Matteotti in Varese for an insight into the second CD dedicated to Andrea Luchesi, introduced and explained my music critic Bruno Belli.



03 September 2013

Review of Andrea Luchesi CD – Gazzetta di Parma 5th August 2013

Review by Gian Paolo Minardi in the Gazzetta di Parma (see full article below). “With commendable effort and after 2 years of work, the Milanese label, Concerto Classics, are back with the production of a CD of piano music by Andrea Luchesi.” “Giorgio Taboga has furthered his research to assess whether the silence surrounding Luchesi was in response the German design to belittle musicological contributions to the classical style from Italy.” “Mozart had the Concerto in F major in his repertoire, which Luchesi wrote after 1771 for a special occasion in Venice; for this he wrote a Cadenza which Robert ...

03 September 2013

September’s release: Pietro Mascagni

A week full of news! Here we are with another release which features Pietro Mascagni, called Piano works for 2 and 4 hands (complete). As today marks 150 years since the birth of the composer, we wanted to share his 13 compositions for solo piano as well as the first version of the Intermezzo from the famous Cavalleria Rusticana, for which 3 are world premieres: “Mio primo Valzer” (arranged by Anton Seidel), an extract of “Un pensiero a San Fransisco” and “New world processional (Triumphal March)”.

02 September 2013

Presentation of the Andrea Luchesi CD on RAI Radio3

Hello and welcome back from the summer holidays! We begin the week with an unmissable opportunity, tomorrow from 9.30-10.00, to hear the presentation of our second Andrea Luchesi CD during the programme PRIMO MOVIMENTO on RAI Radio3. Don’t miss out on a chance to find out more about this mysterious composer connected with Mozart and other great composers of the Classical period.