29 July 2013

Concerto Classics in IL GIORNO, il Resto del Carlino and LA NAZIONE

In IL GIORNO, il Resto del Carlino and LA NAZIONE you can find some interesting news about the next two releases from Concerto Classics, in collaboration with the chamber music festival Armonie della Sera.



24 July 2013

A taster of our Weill – Milhaud – Stravinsky CD on YouTube

We have just released our May CD 2071, dedicated to Kurt Weill, Darius Milhaud and Igor Stravinsky. From today on our YouTube channel you can find a little taster! Gabriele Pieranunzi on violin, Alessandro Carbonare on clarinet and Enrico Pieranunzi on the piano with Jeffrey Tate. Click on the link to go straight to the page. Happy listening!

23 July 2013

Preview of Andrea Luchesi 2 on Il Piccolo – 3rd February 2013

“News that will certainly cause a stir in the world of musicology: Mozart wrote a cadence for one of Luchesi’s concertos.” “The piano concerto, which will be heard for the first time tonight with the Busoni Orchestra, was missing a cadenza and I had written a few ideas to perform tonight. But looking through the archives of Mozart’s work on the site Mozarteum di Salisburgo I found his cadenza which remains untouched and not performed to this day. After confronting the music and style there is no doubt that it belongs to the concerto which will be performed tonight”.



23 July 2013

Anticipation for Andrea Luchesi 2 on La Prealpina – 3rd February 2013

“Roberto Plano has unveiled a secret: the solo cadenza for the first movement of one of the first 2 Mozart concertos.” “Luchesi was Kapellmeister in Bonn from 1774-1794 and was among the teachers of a young Beethoven,” “according to the scholar Giorgio Taboga the link between Mozart and Luchesi was probably much deeper given that the great Salisburg would have copied from scratch many of the compositions from his less illustrious contemporary,” “a year ago the label released a CD of some of his sonatas and now two of his piano concertos take their turn with the addition of Mozart’s ...

23 July 2013

Review of Andrea Luchesi CD 2077 – La Preaplina 23rd July 2013

“Plano has already done a CD of Luchesi’s Sonatas for keyboard, released by Concerto last year, and it is with the same label that he releases his second disk with two concertos for piano and orchestra.” “Plano has also recorded the short Mozartian cadence – as he discovered it himself while consulting the archives of the Mozarteum in Salzburg – composed for one of the two concertos by Luchesi.”



17 July 2013

Review of Antonin Dvorak on classica online.com – Bruno Belli

5 stars. “As can be seen this is a very respectable production, quite varied in the choice of combinations of timbre – for example the harmonium next to a classical chamber string setting” “(…)The features of the music are admirably portrayed by the performers, Ivaan Rabaglia, Enrico Bronzi and Alberto Miodini, who present the four Dvorak trios with changing colour and tone, bringing to life these excellent pieces of chamber music.”



15 July 2013

Gionluca Corona on Facebook

Vanitas (2010, Charcoal on cardboard, 40 x 58cm) is the cover of the CD dedicated to Andrea Luchesi, a painting by the talented Gianluca Corona. Give it a ‘like’ on facebook or visit the site www.salamongallery.com to see more. Follow this link.

11 July 2013

Andrea Luchesi part. II

Concerto Classics is proud to present, as a world premiere, the second special CD dedicated to Andrea Luchesi (CD 2977): Symphonies in D major and in E flat major, Sonata for keyboard in F major, Concerto for keyboard and strings in F major and Concerto for keyboard and obbligato instruments in F major. In the last piece we also hear a candenza from W.A. Mozart discovered by Roberto Plano himself, the performer in this July release.

11 July 2013

Andrea Luchesi CD in La Provincia di Varese

An interesting article was in La Provincia di Varese that presented the second CD (2077) dedicated to Andrea Luchesi. Below is an excerpt – you can read the full article by following the link below. “Where is the discovery? The concerto in F major for keyboard and strings by the composer from Motta di Livenza presents a cadenza written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a world premiere.” “The CD follows on from the one released last year by Plano, for the label Concerto, with sonatas from the venetian years of Luchesi.”


10 July 2013

Nino Rota Ensemble – Armonie della Sera festival

The festival ARMONIE DELLA SERA started on the 6th July: attached we present the second event which is on Thursday 11th July at PORTO SAN GIORGIO in the magnificent Villa Bonaparte. Performers of the concert, the NINO ROTA ENSEMBLE, dedicate the programme to beautiful pieces by Nino Rota in memory of Federico Fellini 20 years after his death. We take this opportunity to remind you of our CD dedicated to Rota (CD 2043) which contains cello concerto no. 2 (1973), the concerto for strings (1977) and the trio for clarinet, cello and piano (1973) performed by the chamber orchestra ‘I ...

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