19 November 2012

Concerto CD 2073 Sergej Rachmaninov / Review by Bruno Belli on Classica Online

Review on website Classica online by Bruno Blli. Sergej Rachmaninov “Piano works for four and six hands”. Duo Sollini – Barbatano, piano. François-Joel Thiollier , piano. 191112

10 November 2012

RAI Radio 3 – Piazza Verdi RACHMANINOV

An extract from a series of installments from Piazza Verdi – RAI Radio 3: “In the new live music broadcast we hear the music of Sergej Rachmaninov, rare pieces for 4 and 6 hands and some of Morceaux op.11. Interpreting the beautiful music are the duo Sollini-Barbatano which comprises of Marco Sollini, a pianist with a strong international career and Salvatore Barbatano, a young artist noted for his brilliant ideas and strong musicianship.”