Alessandro Scarlatti – Serenate

Alessandro Scarlatti (1660 – 1725) was the prolific composer of more than 800 cantatas. However, the majority of these compositions are unpublished and preserved in manuscript copy only. In this context, Maestro Estévan Velardi and Alessandro Stradella Consort will give life and exposure to two of Alessandro Scarlatti’s repertoire gems: the Serenatas “Al fragor di lieta tromba” and “Bel piacere ch’è la caccia”, First World recorded in this release on period instruments. The clamshell box with contains 2 CDs and a 100 pages volume edited by musicologists and Alessandro Scarlatti’s music scholars including the late Maestro Roberto Pagano, to whose
memory the release is dedicated.

Al Fragor di Lieta Tromba [34:14]
Serenata for three voices, Instruments and Chorus

Bel Piacere ch’è la caccia [60:09]
Serenata for three voices, violas, violins and several different Instruments

Release Date: November 23th 2018

Composer: Alessandro Scarlatti (1660 -1725)
Artist: Alessandro Stradella Consort, Estévan Velardi, direttore
Recorded at: Oratorio di Sant’Erasmo, Sori (GE), 2011
Executive Producer: Mario Marcarini, Alberto Ricchi, Margherita Porro, Christian Paciaroni
Recording, Editing, Mixing e Mastering: Rino Trasi
Barcode: 8012665210726
Cover image: Marzio Tamer, Grande Cervo, Acquerello a dry brush, 2017

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