Giovanni Bottesini

(Crema, 22 dicembre 1821 – Parma, 7 luglio 1889)

Works for double-bass and piano

Francesco Siragusa (double-bass), Roberto Paruzzo (piano)

1 CD STEREO DDD - Durata: 59:18
12 pages booklet, Italian/English


COD: 2004-e

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Italian 19th century, double-bass

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1 Mélodie (Romanza patetica) 7:04
2 Introduzione e Bolero 8:53
3 Elegia in re e Tarantella 10:31
4 Grande Allegro alla Mendelssohn 13:22
5 Fantasia sulla Sonnanbula di Bellini 9:15
6 Introduzione Tema e Variazioni sul Carnevale di Venezia 10:10


Giovanni Paolo Bottesini (Crema 1821 – Parma 1889) was a well known Italian Romantic composer, conductor as well as the greatest double bass virtuoso in the history of music. James Hillman observed that the choice of the double bass by
Giovanni Bottesini was on one hand by chance and on the other by destiny. It is said in fact, that the young Bottesini, just after earning his diploma, bought an old forgotten instrument with 3 strings, restored it, and then played it until his arm fell
paralyzed. The same arm that within a few years was to draw sounds from the double bass that were previously unheard.
He attracted a fanatical admiration from audiences in theatres throughout the world. This recording confirms the brilliant success by Francesco Siragusa, very talented Italian artist and first double bass at La Scala Theatre in Milan. His musical talent is clearly expressed and his technique is not self serving, but advances him to
unquestionably valid music horizons.
Siragusa is interpreting Bottesini following the best Italian tradition by giving great care to the sound and phrasing which are well expressed in these compositions.

Artwork: Gianluca Corona, Tulipano Olandese, 1999, oil on wood, Chiodi-Daelli collection

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