Mauro Giuliani

(Bisceglie, July 27, 1781 – Napoli, May 7, 1829)

Rossiniane (complete)

Giulio Tampalini (guitar Luis Arban, 1976)

2 CD STEREO DDD - Durata: 110:24
16 pages booklet, Italian/English


COD: 2034/2-e

Descrizione prodotto

Guitar, very popular repertoire

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CD 1
1 Rossiniana n. 1 Op. 119 15:19
2 Rossiniana n. 2 Op. 120 14:03
3 Rossiniana n. 3 Op. 121 18:06
4 Rossiniana n. 4 Op. 122 15:09
CD 2
1 Rossiniana n. 5 Op. 123 13:34
2 Rossiniana n. 6 Op. 124 12:33
3 Grande Ouverture Op. 61 08:00
4 Variations sur les folies d’Espagne Op. 45 04:55
5 Variations sur un thême de G. F. Haendel Op. 107 08:45


The role Mauro Giuliani played as a guitar virtuoso, as well as composer and transcriber of the themes most appreciated by audiences, led him to become the main Artist in the Viennese music world at the beginning of the 19th century also becoming the symbol of a radiant and dazzling Italian-ness.
The collection of these six Rossini pieces is a faithful representation of the composer’s style and an example of his search for instrumental technique and timbre of the highest order. The six Rossini works are built following a potpourri logic as far as combining operatic themes are concerned and illustrate both a composing style that was in fashion in Vienna at the beginning of the 1800s and the ability, one of the most important talents in the history of the guitar, to express himself.
Different considerations must be made on the cycle of variations, among which the Opera no. 45 included in this cd, concerning Handel’s well known theme Follia di Spagna and Opera 107. In this CD Giuliani shows us his capabilities as a genuine and creative composer. He makes a deep analysis of the theme’s latent expressive content to obtain a variation in a style that is in accordance with creative ideas.

Artwork: Gianluca Corona, Limone in posa , 2006, oil on wood

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