Gioachino Rossini

Gioachino Rossini – My own private musical theatre, a selection from the “Péchés de Vieillesse”

Ginevra Costantini Negri

1 CD STEREO DDD - Durata: 63:00
100 pages, italian/english/french



Ginevra Costantini Negri’s debut album

1 Les anchois – Thème et Variations – da Vol. IV “Quatre hors d’oeuvres et quatre mendiants”
2 La Lagune de Venise à l’expiration de l’année 1861!!! – da Vol. V “Album pour les enfants adolescents”
3 Un petit train de plaisir (comique-imitatif) – da Vol. VI “Album pour les enfants dégourdis”
4 Prélude inoffensif – da Vol. VII “Album de Chaumière”
5 Une pensée à Florence – da Vol. VII “Album de Chaumière”
6 Un regret, un espoir – da Vol. VIII “Album de Château”
7 Marche et réminiscences pour mon dernier voyage – da Vol. IX “Album pour piano, violon, violoncello, harmonium et cor”
8 Petite pensée – da Vol. X “Miscellanée pour piano”
9 Un Rien n. 6 – da Vol. XII “Quelques riens pour album”


Maybe not everyone knows that. . . Rossini was also a great pianist!
“My own private musical theatre” falls in the year of the great celebrations for the composer from Pesaro, 150 years after his death. Concerto Classics offers a fresh, catchy and lively work that, in line with Rossini’s taste for musical divertissement and for ironic and sly references to the most famous operatic themes loved by
the audience, is studded with sparkling self-quotations. In the seventh track Rossini quotes himself several times, subtly and jokingly recalling the themes of the compositions that had already made him famous throughout the world in his day. The vivid spontaneity of music goes well with the young age of the pianist Ginevra Costantini Negri, talented musician and emerging name of Italian pianism, so much so that she has recently been selected as new testimonial for the important Festival Pianocity Milano 2018.

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