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Folias Italianas

Ruggero Laganà (Italian harpsichord, copy of G. Baffo del 1574 - R. Mattiazzo 1978)

1 CD STEREO DDD - Durata: 79:28
12 pages booklet, Italian/English


COD: 2058-e

Descrizione prodotto

Baroque music, harpsichord

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1 Anonimo Spagnolo: Folias (1708) 1:33
2 Anonimo Inglese: The Spanish Follye (1685) 2:06
3 Anonimo spagnolo: Tonos De Palacio, Folias (1707) 2:16
4 Ascanio Majone: Partite sopra Fidele (1603) 2:28
5 Anonimo spagnolo: Las Folias (1709) 3:47
6 Gio. Maria Trabaci: Consonanze stravaganti 2:26
7 Gio. Maria Trabaci: Partite sopra Fidele (1603) 7:26
8 Bernardo Pasquini: Partite sopra la aria della folia de Espagna 1:35
9 Bernardo Pasquini: Partite diversi di Follia 6:39
10 Anonimo spagnolo: Folias Graves (1721) 2:09
11 Girolamo Frescobaldi: Partite sopra Follia 5:21
12 Girolamo Frescobaldi: 100 partite sopra Passacagli 10:23
13 Anonimo spagnolo: Otras Folias (1709) 2:16
14 Bernardo Storace: Follia 4:07
15 Bernardo Storace: Ciaccona 6:03
16 Alessandro Scarlatti: Toccata per cembalo d’ottava stesa (1723) – Variazioni sulla Follia di Spagna 18:52


In music, the term folia refers to a melodic pattern derived from a very old Carnival dance, very likely originated in Portugal. After leaving its Lusitanian roots, the so called Follia di Spagna became very successful thanks to its melody and simple harmony, as could be clearly heard in the many anonymous folia taken from collections dating back to the early 1700’s by the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid. Organists and harpsichordists of various nationalities have been inspired by the Folia, but this CD focuses on its use in Italian music, in particular, from Rome and Naples: Girolamo Frescobaldi (Ferrara, September 13th, 1583 – Rome, March 1st, 1643): PARTITE SOPRA FOLLIA and PARTITE SOPRA PASSACAGLI; Bernardo Storace (around 1637 – 1707): FOLLIA and CIACCONA, two pieces of rare beauty rarely performed; Giovanni Maria Trabaci (Montepeloso, 1575 – Naples, December 31st 1647): CONSONANZE STRAVAGANTI and PARTITE SOPRA FIDELE; Alessandro Scarlatti (Palermo, 1660 – Naples, 1725): TOCCATA PER CEMBALO D’OTTAVA STESA (1723), VARIAZIONI SULLA FOLLIA DI SPAGNA; Bernardo Pasquini (Massa and Cozzile, December 7th 1637 – Rome, November 22nd 1710): PARTITE SOPRA LA ARIA DELLA FOLIA DE ESPAGNA, PARTITE DIVERSI DI FOLLIA and Ascanio Majone (around 1565 – 1627), Neapolitan composer and harpist: PARTITE SOPRA FIDELE. The CD includes a few examples of anonymous works from Spain (FOLIAS, OTRAS FOLIAS, etc.) and England (THE SPANISH FOLLYE, 1685) in order to make the comparison of different cultures and timings more meaningful, as well as to highlight the diversity of stylistic approaches.
The performer and composer, Ruggero Laganà, relives the theme of madness – an obsession throughout the ages of music from the West – giving a passionate, richly creative and inventive interpretation in the best Baroque tradition.

Artwork: Francisco Goya y Lucientes, Otras Leyes por el Pueblo

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