Reynaldo Hahn

(Caracas, August 9, 1874 – Parigi, January 28, 1947)

Complete works for piano solo

Cristina Ariagno (piano)

4 CD + 1 DVD STEREO DDD - Durata: CD - 256:31, DVD - 56:32
40 pages booklet, italian/french/english/spanish


COD: 2015-e

Descrizione prodotto

4 CDs: Chamber music. DVD: Documentary film.

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CD 1
1 Le Rossignol éperdu, poèmes (1899 – 1910) I. Première Suite 79:53
CD 2
1 Le Rossignol éperdu, poèmes (1899 – 1910) II. Orient, III. Carnet de Voyage, IV. Versailles 64:32
CD 3
1 Pièces d’amour et autres inédits pour piano, L’inspiration 61:24
CD 4
1 Portraits de peintres, Premières valses, Sonatine en Ut majeur 55:46

Le piano de Reynaldo Hahn
Documentary film by Jean-Christophe Etienne


For all of his life, Reynaldo Hahn was accused of being a lounge musician, light hearted and superficial: his compositions were written for no other reason than to suit the academic needs of the Belle Époque and of the Entre-deux-guerres societies. Fortunately however, in recent years, a handful of performers and publishers have allowed us to discover the incredible richness of his eclectic but also fascinating work. In particular the piano music of Reynaldo Hahn, still little known, is in fact one of the original manifestations of his talent. The exceptional recordings in these four disks should ward off even the most stubborn prejudices.

The DVD that accompanies this boxed set is a documentary created by Jean-Christophe Etienne from the Association Reynaldo Hahn (Paris). It allows the curious music lover to explore the composer’s piano universe in great depth.

Artwork: Giovanni Boldini, Ritratto della principessa Marthe-Lucile Bibesco, 1911

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