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Chamber music works – Serenata notturna

1 Digital music sheet 26 pages


COD: 3003/6-e

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SERENATA NOTTURNA for violin, viola and cello

Complete music sheet, Violin music sheet, Viola music sheet and cello music sheet

Serenata notturna is an elaboration on a previous compositional idea. It is an explicit homage to Mozart, as already evident in the title of the song (alluding to the famous “Little Night Music” K.525 of the great Salzburg works). The piece consists of 30 short variations on a thematic fragment taken from concerto for piano and orchestra K.459 by Mozart. Variations in music means to add, remove and replace notes, chords and rhythms, so as to transform the idea which we start with and hear different “interpretations”, up to the point of possible complete transformation. The compositional practice of variations is ancient; generations of composers have done them on their own, or others’ themes. At the beginning of the Serenata notturna the reference to Mozart is most evident. What follows is a progressive shift away from this original which manifests itself in a more modern and personal language, but at the end of the composition the original theme, although still varied, reappears. The piece as a whole is witty, but behind the apparent gaiety, moments of melancholy are hidden, often mysterious and sometimes restless.

Marco Nodari

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