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Chamber music works – Ritratti

1 Digital music sheet 36 pages


COD: 3003/5-e

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RITRATTI for clarinet, violin and piano

Complete music sheet, clarinet music sheet and violin music sheet

Ritratti is divided into two movements which are performed one after the other without interruption. The movements are quite different from each other in the sense of their expressive character, rhythm and musical language. The title “Ritratti” (or ‘portraits’ in English) aims to emphasize this diversity, as if the two pieces are the depiction of different people or even conflicting perspectives of one character. The first track (Vivo con spirito) is strongly rhythmic with constant changes of meter, from ternary to binary. It has a sense of nervousness and restlessness, characterized by an intense dialogue between the three instruments and significant variations in dynamic (from piano to forte, often very abruptly). In terms of the form piece it can be summarised in this way: introduction, Section A, Section B, Section A , and coda. The second song (Largo espressivo) is introspective, lyrical and melancholy. It is essentially a passacaglia (variations on a bass ostinato or theme), in which the tune is mainly entrusted to the clarinet and the violin, while the piano supports and accompanies. The formal structure is expressive and rises to a point of maximum intensity, before folding in on itself and ending pianissimo, at almost a whisper.


Marco Nodari

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