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Chamber music works – Limen

1 Digital music sheet 36 pages


COD: 3003/3-e

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LIMEN for violin, cello and piano

Complete music sheet, Violin music sheet and Cello Music sheet
1. Prologo. Scherzando (Allegro)
2. Intermezzo. Quasi un inno (Andante moderato)
3. Finale (Mosso)
The Limen trio is composed of three movements. The first is lighthearted and bright, with a “Bulgarian” rhythm (compound) running almost constantly throughout. It features even in the more lyrical and cantabile middle section of the piece. The second, movement, “Intermezzo”, formally a kind of passacaglia (variations on a bass ostinato) starts with a sweet melody, which for its popular simplicity is reminiscent of a lullaby or hymn. This melody, entrusted to the piano in the upper register of the keyboard, is then taken up by other instruments, repeated and elaborated on several times, until the end where it ends peacefully. The song alludes to a flower that opens or a life that is born. The third movement is light-hearted and bright once more, but with a larger and slower middle section, which features an expressive melody played mainly on the violin. In the “Limen” trio can see resemblance and influences of the great composers of the past, from different places and contexts: These diverse stylistic features find common ground in the expansive, melodic singing. Metaphorically, this piece represents the ability of music to act as a universal language, capable of dialogue in all cultures.


Marco Nodari

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